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Evergreen Fumigation Service is a member of Pakistan Pest Management Association (Pakistan) and National Pest Management Association (USA) and empowered with ISO certified 9001-2015

Evergreen Fumigation Service follows guidelines to pest control bench marked by global organizations like WHO, FAO

Our pest control approaches are the best as they include

  • Pest Control in scientific and eco-friendly way for all kind of pest problems in Home and Office.
  • “EFS” The smart way of complete Pest Control Pest control for Home, Office and Commercial buildings.
  • State of the art technology inputs.
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) practices.
  • Evidence-based decision-making system to diagnose pest problems precisely.
  • Life-cycle management of insects.
  • Use of recognized and registered public health pesticide.
  • “EFS” The Ento’ professionals at Pest Control Pest control for Home, Office and Commercial buildings
  • For scientific and eco-friendly way of Pest Control Pest control for Home, Office and Commercial buildings.
  • Good management practices.
  • Quick and timely service as requested by the customers.
  • Flexible service as fitting to the customer requirement.
  • Non-hazardous, odorless, eco-friendly techniques.
  • 24 x 7 customer care.

Services offer

We are the Integrated Pest Management Industry leader and we offer a partnership with our clients that result in the safest solution to pest problems and prevention of future problems.

Gel Treatment

Fast acting gel treatment that's odorloess and non-toxic. Protects your home and your family. Providing you the best range of Gel Treatment


General Fumigation

We feel an obligation to provide the absolute best possible services to our customers at a fair price.


Termite Treatment

Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors. These pests consume wood and cellulose extremely fast


Cat Control

A wide range of programs addressing human health, environmental, and economic issues.


Pest Management Service

We have experience mitigating issues with pests such as mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and termites.


Birds Control

offers a thorough inspection process for the businesses and homes who trust us with their pest control needs.


Bed Bugs Treatment

We offer bed bug control solutions, which is fast, effective and non-toxic. If you need a bed bug treatment, call us


Rats Control

reliable rat control methods are needed to eliminate rat infestations in your home or building, to ensure that you get rid of them once and for all.


Snake Control

We often find snakes living in crawlspaces, walls, gardens, decks, and any overgrown vegetation surrounding the property.


Our Latest Projects

  • High quality work

    Comprehensive pest inspection for every enquiry

  • Excellentce aftercare service

    Trained and licensed pest experts.

  • Protecting from pest with safe solutions

    Safety Health and Environment (SHE) is the top priority

National and International Pest Control

Evergreen Fumigation Service stands out for its ecologically friendly and humane approaches and for a solid record of effective treatment and customer satisfaction. With a service area covering much of the country, it’s an excellent choice if you’re dealing with Termite, Mosquito, Rodent, Cockroaches ,Bed, Bugs, Silverfish, Flies, Ants

Have a question about pest control?

Evergreen Fumigation’s first priority is the safety of our customers, as well as being good stewards of the environment. We take the time to develop a customized pest control program and use strategic targeting, which enables us to use the least amount of pest control product while providing superior results. All materials are EPA approved and all technicians are trained in the safe handling and application of all materials.

Usually, it’s not required unless you are allergic or sensitive to certain smells or chemicals. We prefer to remain outside till the treatment for pest control is over.If anyone of your family member has Asthma or other breathing problems, it’s better for them to stay outside for a couple of hrs.

If you have doubts about what kind of roach, spider or rodent is infesting your property, the best and most sure way to identify it is by booking a pest inspection with one of the professional pest control specialists.

Quick and Reliable work for Pest Control

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